The leading reason for demanding orthodontic treatment is aesthetics. However the treatment itself may not be that aesthetic for some patients. If you would like to have orthodontic treatment and concerned about the appearance of metal braces, this type of tooth colored ceramic or clear braces are ideal for you. You will have all the advantages of braces over clear aligners with considerably less visibility compared to metal braces. 

Aesthetic brackets

The brackets under this group are called “aesthetic” not because they are aesthetically pleasing but rather less visible compared to metal brackets. These are the choice for most of the adult patients. These brackets are made from a range of different materials. Today the most popular ones are monocrystalline and polycrystalline sapphire brackets. There are also composite resin and zirconia brackets.

While less visibility is the top advantage of these braces, they have some disadvantages that your orthodontist can shed some light on these. 

In orthodontics teeth slide along the archwire. Brackets are the elements between the teeth and the wire. Less frictional force means more teeth movement. Metal to metal friction tends to be smaller than metal to ceramic friction. This means with classical ceramic braces teeth movement would be more difficult. Today, some brands of cristalline and zirconia brackets are as efficient as metal ones in terms of friction.

The other disadvatage is that they are more brittle compared to metal ones. This is a disadvantage when applying force to brackets through archwire.

Eventhough they may have same disadvantages over metal ones you may choose this type of braces without hesitation.

Aesthetic braces tend to be more expensive than metal braces. If you would like to have a relatively faster treatment with these braces, it should be one of the best brands in this field. This means unfortunately a little more expensive treatment.

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Esvy Bikoumou
Esvy Bikoumou

Hi, I would like to know how much you would charge me for teeth braces please. Can you tell me the prices for an adult and children please. Thanks 

Dr. Ibrahim Cem Ozkurt
Dr. Ibrahim Cem Ozkurt

Hello, we sent you a messaage with average orthodontic treatment costs with metal and ceramic brackets.