Teeth Whitening


There are two main reasons for the dark shades of vital teeth:

1.    Smoking, heavy consumption of coffee, tea and lack of proper daily cleaning results in stains on the surface of the teeth . A professional teeth polishing with rotary instruments will remove these stains.  This mechanical cleaning helps bring the teeth to their original shade.

2.    Normal colour of tooth is yellowish white, however sometimes the percentage of yellow in this mix may be more prominent that results in undesired tooth colour. 

Of course smoking, heavy consumption of coffee, tea in long term affect the colour of enamel as well.

The aim of teeth whitening is to actually lighten the shade of the teeth chemically infiltrating deep in tooth structure. 

Two approaches are followed for teeth whitening. 

 1. In-Chair whitening    2. Home whitening 

Advantage of in-chair whitening is, in one or two visits the procedure is completed. 

Advantage of home whitening is, you and the dentist control the amount of whitening together. Generally in one kit there is more than enough active whitening gel to reach desired shade. Therefore, since you have your custom made trays, you may repeat the procedure every 3-4 months for a few hours to maintain the shade of the teeth achieved. 

Unfortunately, the shade achieved at the end of the treatment will wear off in time. Excessive tea and coffee consumption may quicken this process. 

Please do not forget that smoking will cause a rapid change to original colour.

In our clinic we offer both type of whitening systems. 

Initially we 

       -polish your teeth.

       -determine the present shade of your teeth.

       -take photos.

       -discuss with you how much whitening we aim for.

For homewhitening treatment we

          -decide on the duration of the daily use of the whitening gel.

          -take impressions 

          -prepare the trays for your teeth

          -provide the kit. 

          -do a regular check up for the changes.

For office bleaching we

          -always use highest standard bleaching gels (very important for successful treatment)

          -do a minimum 4 application session. However some patients experience major sensitivity. In that case we may need to shorten the                 application ofo whitening gel.

It is very important to follow the instructions of your dentist for a successful and long lasting whitening effect.

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Opeyemi Soneye
Opeyemi Soneye

Metal braces. Hi I’d like to get my braces done. I think I contacted you 3 months ago but you were having only zoom sessions because of the pandemic and I had exams at school. I will like to make inquiries about the braces and how to start and come for it. I’m already in Istanbul. A student. 

Dr. Ibrahim Cem Ozkurt
Dr. Ibrahim Cem Ozkurt

Hello, I did not have zoom sessions by then. However, we are accepting new patients. You may call me at 0505 813 8710 to arrange an appointment. Regards.