You want to straighten your teeth for health purposes or just for esthetics but do not want to have wires in your mouth, clear trays or as generally known as Invisalign might be your solution.

These transparent trays are custom made. You can find the procedures for this treatment below.

It has been a while since clear teeth moving trays entered in orthodontic field. Compared to 20 years ago, both the companies manufacturing these trays and doctors utilizing them have evolved considerably. Once, it was used for simple cases, as in 2024, they are almost as capable as fixed appliance therapy, braces. However still, the golden standard in orthodontics is braces and wires. There is considerable difference in mechanics how they move the teeth. In some aspects still clear trays alone are not sufficient. In such cases clear trays are combined with some elements of fixed appliance therapy. This is where the experience of the practitioner becomes important.

There are several factors to bear in mind if you are considering Invisalign clear trays. You can find detailed information below.

We are official Invisalign Provider located in Istanbul. We use official Invisalign intraoral scanner, iTero, for our Invisalign treatments.


How does INVISALIGN work? 

Intra-oral scanners are used to achieve digital 3d image of your teeth and your bite. 

This 3d image is sent to Invisalign laboratories.

Your doctor prepares a treatment plan similar to regular braceses.

This includes, 

       extraction decision, 

       utilization of several accesories to facilitate the treatment

       decision on the final occlusion,

       smile line,

       angulation and position of each tooth,

       final midline,

       final overbite,

       final overjet,

       curve of dentition,

       amount of interpoximal stripping if needed, (IPR),

A special prescription form is used for the communication between your doctor and Invisalign company.

Please never forget that it is not Invisalign company, but your your doctor who decides on how your teeth should be moved and how they should be positioned exactly like with regular braces. A good knowlege of occlusion as well as aesthetic vision is critical for a good outcome.

Based on your plan the technician of Invisalign company prepares a simulation of tooth movements, utilizing Invisalign’s special software. 

Teeth are moved little by little until they are completely aligned as prescribed.

Are Clear Aligners suitable for every patient?

Unfortunately in some conditions, clear aligners are not as efficient as classical braces, therefore there are some limitations. 

After a clinical exam we discuss with you whether your problem can be  solved with aligners.

Good news is that compared to 10 years ago, more problems can be fixed with Invisalign.

One major difference between aligners and traditional braces, is the mechanics to gain space to align irregular teeth. With regular braces you can pull a tooth, but with invisalign, you can only push them.

It is relatively easier to expand a narrow arch, derotate posterior teeth, extrude teeth with regular braces. 

With clear aligners some degree of interdental stripping (tooth shaving) may be necessary if you have crowded dental arch.


In the first treatment visit your orthodontist scans your teeth with an intra-oral scanner to create 3d digital image of your teeth. 

Standart scanner for Invisalign is iTero Scanner.

The scan is authomatically sent to Invisalign laboratory. 

The other necessary records are radiographs and photos. They are also sent to the laboratory.

A prescription form with the instructions on detailed treatment planning is prepared and sent. 

Based on this prescription form,  align company creates a step-by-step movement simulation of your teeth using their special software and sends it to your doctor. 

Your doctor evaluates and makes necessary changes to make sure that everything is in line with your treatment plan. 

This may mean creation of several simulations of your treatment plan. 

For every step of movement an aligner is produced. If it would take 32 steps to move your teeth to ideal position, 32 sets of trays are fabricated.

It takes several days for the align company to prepare one simulation. Therefore it may take several weeks to develop the final treatment simulation.

Once agreed on the planned teeth movements, the align company produces the trays/aligners. The aligners are produced in Mexico and may take around three weeks for your doctor to recieve them after shipment. 

How many hours a day am I supposed to wear them?

You are expected to wear them all the time. You should take them off only for eating and drinking certain stuff. This means you are expected to wear them on average 22 hours a day. 

Can I eat with Invisalign?

No you may not eat with Invisalign.

What can I drink with Invisalign?

You should not consume very hot stuff with aligners. This may cause the thermoplastic aligners to warp. 

You shouls also take your aligners off to drink acidic and sugary drinks. 

Drinking alcoholic beverages will not harm your aligners but red wine will stain them.

Coffee will also cause the aligners to be stained. However you will wear your aligners maximum two weeks.

How often wil I change my aligners?

Based on the teeth movement you will change your aligners every 1 to 2 weeks.

For international patients critical question is:  I live far away, how many times do I need to visit your office?

The benefit of Invisalign is that you are not required to see us as frequently as in regular braces. 

  1. First visit is to take the records (Images, impressions, x-rays).
  2. Second visit is normally 4-8 weeks after first visit. We place the attachments on your teeth and do IPR if needed. We explain everything and give you your set of aligners.
  3. After you wear all aligners as instructed, we arrange an appointment to remove the attachments and to place fixed lingual retainers. We may also give you removable retainers.

Therefore you need to visit our office at least three times. Sometimes, IPR may be required to be done separately at an other visit, which would be extra.

In complicated cases, where teeth movements are complex, despite wearing all the aligners, your teeth may not be aligned perfectly as planned with the software. This happens %50 of the time. If this is the case, in the third visit, we do not finish the treatment but take new records. This would add 2 more visits to complete treatment. In total you may need to come 5 times to our office.

Here you may find Invisalign Prices

If you would like us to give you an estimate on the type of Invisalign package you need, you may send us your photos, which are taken based on the instructions below. Please bear in mind that this would be just an estimate. A definite decision may not given before a clinical and radiological examination. Rather than dong selfie type photos, it would be more accurate if someone else takes the photos for you. You may email or send them via whatsapp to +90 532 179 03 56.


To see your bite and top and bottom teeth relation, which has primary importance in orthodontic treatment, please make sure that you bite down completely with your back teeth while these photos are taken.







There photos will show us how much space is needed to align your teeth, or extra present.



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